Technical Resources: Thermal Specs

Thermal Breaks That Hold

Astro uses time tested Azon two-component polyurethanes that meet or exceed the American Manufacturers Association's AAMA TIR-A8-08 standards, AAMA Quality Assurance Guidelines, and AAMA Test Procedures.

SI IP Test Method
Tensile strength 38 ± 7 N/mm² 5,500 ± 1,000 psi ASTM D-638
Elongation at break 20+ % 20+ % DIN 53455
Modulus of elasticity 1,655+ N/mm² 240,000+ psi DIN 53455
Impact strength 22.9 KJ/m² 10.9ft lb/in² DIN 53455
Notched izod impact 1.01 J/m 1.5ft lb/in minimum ASTM D-256
Thermal conductivity K-factor 0.158 W/m °K 0.0913 Btu-in/(hr-°F-ft²)
1.095 Btu-in/(hr-°F-ft²)
ASTM C-518
Heat distortion temperature at 66 psi 60°C minimum 140°F minimum ASTM D-648
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 1.68 x 104 cm/cm °C 9.34 x 105 in/in °F

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Did you know ...

  • ... Astro's computerized Thermal Pour and Debridge operation sets the machine to the dimensions specified on your print that we store in our Oracle® database.