Technical Resources: Quality Control / Testing

Extrusion Excellence Requires More Than Equipment & Technology

Astro employs some of the most experienced and skilled personnel in the aluminum extrusion industry. All employees are engaged in the training and education of each manufacturing process and product performance criteria to ensure complete compliance with all customer specifications. To that end Astro operates within a Total Quality Assurance Program.

  • Each manufacturing process has an Integrated Quality System

  • All quality procedures and instructions mirror ISO format

  • Updates and revisions are made in real time utilizing our fiber optic network infrastructure and integrated information systems that are second to none in the industry

  • All inspection equipment is state-of-the-art and utilizes an Oracle® database

  • A real time root cause/corrective action procedure is followed

  • There is complete traceability for every shipped line item down to the time of day, shift, employee and billet

Did you know ...

  • ... Astro has Quality Assurance checks at every work station.